Norwegian Gunman Retells Chilling Story Of 77 Person Killing Spree.

Personal Injury Lawyer BostonAnders Behring Breivik provided graphic testimony in court recently as he retold the story of the rampage shooting-spree that he went on in July of 2011 when he killed 77 Norwegians. Breivik openly confessed to the killings, and says that the victims deserved to die in that they betrayed Norway by embracing “Islamic colonization.” Breivik calmly described how, dressed as a policeman, he traveled to Utoya Island where there was an annual summer youth camp in session. On the island, Breivik killed 69 people. He killed eight more victims in Oslo, Norway. Two medical evaluations have been performed on Breivik, and the results conflict as to whether or not Breivik is sane.

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